This relevant resource for travelers combines two intersecting components of travel today, health, and safety. The up to date information makes for a great travel companion to help you sort out problems on the road and protect your security. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, on a Scouting adventure or an expedition, stow this in your carry-on luggage!

Dr. Robert Gates

Former US Secretary of Defense

Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency

President, Boy Scouts of America






Lizard Bites & Street Riots is a much needed addition to the list of essential reading for every traveler.”

Terry Garcia

Chief Science and Exploration Officer

National Geographic Society


“We support millions of travelers around the globe each year and often deal with devastating outcomes as a result of people not spending time on health, safety, and security preparations. In hindsight, the person or the family left behind always wishes they had. This book allows a busy traveler to jump right to topics of concern and get to the ‘so what’ quickly. This knowledge will help the traveler or loved ones avoid many problems and hopefully return only with happy memories.”

Bruce McIndoe

Chairman and CEO

iJET International


Lizard Bites and Street Riots serves as a complete, comprehensive guide to the essentials of travel health and safety. Easily and quickly referenced, each topic delivers at a glance the essential information on what to do in almost any travel emergency. In addition, because of its short and concise organization, this book also can be quickly consumed for simple pleasure reading before or during a trip. This little book can be carried in your luggage and should be on every traveler’s bookshelf.”

R. Craig Cook, MD

Medical Director

Sport Diver Magazine


“In a globally connected world, increasingly there is a premium on health and security advice. Unfortunately, today’s traveler is inundated with misinformation from the internet that often is not rooted in science or fact. The long standing, pre-travel medical advice of ‘get your shots’ and ‘be careful of the water’ no longer can be trusted. From insurrection and natural disasters. to mosquito-borne illness like Chikungunya, and legitimate concerns that ill-prepared local governments cannot contain diseases like Ebola, the need for a more balanced approach is now. This book not only provides such advice but more importantly, it is written by doctors that have lived and traveled the world.”

Tim Weir

EMT, Crisis Management Advisor

Fortune 500 Managing Director


“Anyone interested in understanding and overcoming the hazards of 21st century travel would be well served by reviewing the information in this highly readable resource.”

Dan Richards

CEO Global Rescue


“When traveling for a dive trip, a visit to grandma’s house or exploring some remote location, preparation is the best medicine available. This first-of-its-kind travel health and safety book is a must-have for all would-be travelers or explorers. It’s easy to read and chock-full of useful information. Don’t leave home without it.”

Ellen Prager, PhD

Former Chief Scientist Aquarius Reef Base Program

Best-selling author of The Oceans